What Type of Telemarketing Does Your Business Need?

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To get the results you want from IT telemarketing, your business needs a strategy.

There are lots of different types of telemarketing, from inbound/outbound marketing calls through to appointment setting and other lead generation activities. Many companies choose a blend of different approaches, depending on their target customers and the goals they want to achieve.

Let’s take a look at your options, so you can start building effective IT telemarketing methods into your strategy:

B2B lead generation and appointment setting

If handled with an expert touch and in line with a clear strategy, telemarketing is one of the best ways to attract new leads to your business. It’s all about knowing the right contacts to call within businesses who are likely to want or need your product, and persuading them to take the next step.

Telemarketing for lead generation can be very time-consuming, however. First, you need to find the right leads to contact and start building a list (which will also need to be maintained for accuracy through data cleansing). Next, you need a clear pipeline for contacting leads, setting appointment and event booking, at which point your sales team can swoop in and do what they do best.

This is why many businesses choose to outsource IT telemarketing to specialist services like IT Focus, who have the time, experience, resources and expertise to deliver highly qualified leads.

Lead nurturing telemarketing 

Telemarketing doesn’t always deliver immediate results. Some leads just aren’t ready to buy, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be someday. This is why regular follow-ups and a carefully judged campaign of ‘nurturing’ is a smart idea. You’ve taken the time to stimulate their interest, and lead generation can help you capitalise on it – even if it doesn’t happen immediately. Nurturing calls keep the prospect engaged with the company so that when the time comes, you’ll (hopefully) be their first choice.

Lead nurturing is also good for reinvigorating lapsed customers you haven’t heard from in a while.

Outbound marketing calls

We’ve already looked at telemarketing for lead generation, but there are other types of outbound telemarketing. This category mainly includes B2C companies using cold calls as part of a proactive sales approach, raising awareness of new products and services. But outbound calls can also be used for market research and other purposes.

Inbound telemarketing

What happens when a customer calls you? This often happens as a result of other marketing campaigns, where a potential client calls up with an enquiry or question. This is a golden opportunity to build relationships with your customers, make them feel valued and offer fantastic service. But it’s also a chance to capture sales from clients who are already interested.

Struggling to find the time for telemarketing, or worried you’re not using your time effectively? Whether it’s developing a winning strategy, building a list of contacts or setting appointments, we can help. Get in touch with the experts at IT Focus – call 0330 058 0100 or email info@itfocus-tm.com and we’ll get right back to you.

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