Why Data Cleansing is Important

Organised Database
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Does your business run on data? It will almost certainly rely on it to some degree, as virtually every organisation does. And when it comes to sales, marketing and customer service, your database is your Bible.

With data being so crucial for your business, it’s essential to manage it properly. It needs to be stored securely and organised in a way that works for your business. But even more importantly – it needs to be accurate.

Common database problems – especially for established businesses

Over time, your database is likely to accumulate clutter. You can end up with multiple entries for one person, and missing or incorrect information for another.

Contact details become outdated and obsolete as people move roles and join other organisations. There’s also the problem of irrelevant data, often stored simply for the sake of it. This can get in the way of the information you really need.  And finally, there are formatting errors and typos to deal with.

This is where data cleansing comes in. It’s a highly effective data management process, especially when information has been piling up for years. Data cleansing clears away the deadwood, making it easier for your teams to access the information that has real, actionable value.

Better Data Insights

Benefits of data cleansing

There are many compelling reasons to regularly cleanse your data. At a basic level, it makes your database more professional and easier to use. Without clutter, mistakes and chaos, everyday processes become much easier.

But data cleansing also unlocks a number of other benefits, including:


  • Better sales and marketing performance: Data cleansing creates a gateway to understand your customers better. With accurate information about your audience, you can better understand their behaviours and motivations. This gives your sales and lead generation teams far more firepower. It also helps to streamline the sales pipeline, as well as your lead nurturing processes.


  • Better insights: When your data is in a real mess, how can you accurately assess performance and make properly informed decisions? It’s just not possible. But once you know that your data is accurate and up-to-date, you can gain valuable insights and move forward with real purpose and confidence.


  • A boost for your company reputation: Contacting the wrong people and making mistakes with customer information looks terribly unprofessional. It suggests disorganisation and a lack of care about your customers. Get your data in order and you can show the world that your organisation runs like clockwork.


  • Save time and money: Battling old, inaccurate and error-ridden data is hugely time-intensive, not to mention frustrating. By practising better data management, you can improve productivity, make better use of your resources, and access the data you need faster.

How to get started with data cleansing

Untangling years or even decades worth of data can be painful, time-consuming work. This is probably why so many companies put it off.

But the good news is that you don’t have to do it in-house. A data cleansing specialist like IT Focus can carry out a full and thorough clean of your database, while you get on with the day-to-day.

It’s a fast, cost-effective way to guarantee that the data your business relies on is % accurate, high-quality and easy to use. Get in touch to find out more.

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