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How to Successfully Expand a Small IT Business

Tips for expanding a small IT business However, it is very rare to find an IT whizz who is also a competent business person, leading salesperson and excellent coffee maker! In addition, and something we fully understand here at IT Focus

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A New Year and New Prospects

2016 looks like it is going to be a good year for business. The recession of 2009 is slowly becoming a distant memory and everywhere you look there are is a greater sense of optimism in the business world. As

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IT is Not as Narrow Field as You Think

While IT is often used as a ‘catchall’ phrase for the whole field of Information Technology, if you stopped to consider all the actual businesses that deal in the IT sector, but who offer a relatively individual service, you would

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Invest Wisely in Your IT Business to Make it Profitable

Make your IT Business profitable There is an interesting article in The Economist on how a number of major industries are looking to outsource production, whether it is car manufacturing or clothing production. Now IT may be a totally different industry

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