How to successfully expand a small IT business

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However, it is very rare to find an IT whizz who is also a competent business person, leading salesperson and excellent coffee maker! In addition, and something we fully understand here at IT Focus Telemarketing; it costs a lot of money to establish or expand a business. This is money that has to be spent wisely and has to be capable of maximising the return on investment. It is all too easy to spend money in the wrong area and find that you are not able to generate sufficient revenue early on. As many of you may be aware, almost […]

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Is the question “Can you afford to use specialist Telemarketing?” or “Can you afford not to use specialist Telemarketing?”

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Business today is all about return on investment – (ROI) and if the figures don’t stack up, then it is not a good use of your financial resources. So how can you strategize effectively so that money spent, particularly on generating business leads, is done so wisely? Well a close examination of what you are doing to generate those leads will certainly enable you to micro-manage the situation, but there is already a problem. Micromanaging anything costs money, so to be financially effective, micromanagement has to either save money, or generate revenue. In truth, micromanagement rarely achieves either of these […]

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A new year and new prospects

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2016 looks like it is going to be a good year for business. The recession of 2009 is slowly becoming a distant memory and everywhere you look there are is a greater sense of optimism in the business world. As a result, this would be a seriously good time to capitalise on a market that has not been so positive in a long time. So let’s say you are in the IT industry. Like so many start-ups, you are going to be looking to spend limited initial capital of very wisely and the return on investment is going to be […]

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IT is not as narrow a field as many think


While IT is often used as a ‘catchall’ phrase for the whole field of Information Technology, if you stopped to consider all the actual businesses that deal in the IT sector, but who offer a relatively individual service, you would need a very big umbrella to cover all different businesses that exist. So if that is the case for the field of IT, imagine what it must be like to be involved in targeting your specific sector of the market, either on a B2B or B2C basis when you want to market your products or services. So the question is, […]

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Reduce your wage bills and increase productivity with specialist IT telemarketing services.

To survive and grow, any business needs to see a return on investment. In simple terms, money in must equal money out, plus a little more besides. Now the word investment isn’t just about putting money into a business and hoping for a return. What is done with that money is as much an element of the investment process. As a consequence, businesses invest in people – their staff and employees, in modern and state-of the art technology and equipment, and of course marketing and promotion. Now investing in equipment and technology is a long-term process where results may be […]

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Invest wisely in your IT business to make it profitable

There is an interesting article in The Economist on how a number of major industries are looking to outsource production, whether it is car manufacturing or clothing production. Now IT may be a totally different industry and for certain we are not suggesting you relocate your business. Far from it. However here ate IT Focus Telemarketing what we are saying is that you don’t have to keep all your business under the one roof. Let us look at where you get your business form if you ar involved in the IT industry. It is hard to be competitive when there […]

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A religiously kept up-to-date database is the only one you should be working with

Did you know that there is a new company started in the UK every minute? Do you know what that also means? Every minute someone’s database, somewhere, is out of date. If the business is a new bakery, then databases of flour suppliers all over the UK are out of date. Somebody, somewhere, will be supplying that bakery with flour. For wholesale suppliers of flour, it will only be when they update their database they will discover they have a new potential client, though they will also realise that they may be the last in a long queue while others […]

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5 Ways to Increase B2B Sales Through Telemarketing


With the rising popularity of mobile apps and social media, many technology companies neglect the most time-tested marketing strategy – specialised telemarketing. Though you can reach a wider audience online, only a small percentage of IT companies will follow-up on B2B offers they find on the Internet. Entrepreneurs need to be confident about their purchases and require a higher level of engagement than regular consumers. Here are 5 major benefits reaped from specialist telemarketing for IT and technology companies: Lead Generation Knowing that there are always new qualified leads to pursue is crucial for any technology-oriented business. You could be […]

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Break Down of B2B Marketing Challenges


Effective marketing is arguably the most significant aspect of a successful B2B strategy for any business in the IT field. Of course, without a strong internal sales team, it is near impossible to fulfil revenue expectations, much less increase profits. However, to make good use of sales professionals, you need to provide them with plenty of qualifying leads. Furthermore, if you can identify enough highly interested prospects, you can increase conversions for your team regardless of their current level of effectiveness. Looking into specialist telemarketing for IT and technology companies is probably your best solution but, provided you have ample […]

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Why Outsource Your Telemarketing

Outsourcing. Business Background.

Businesses are faced with numerous challenges when trying to manage a successful B2B telemarketing campaign. Finding staff members that are highly motivated, experienced and knowledgeable about the technology field is only half the battle. They also need to be driven to make sales with a personal approach, which is a rare skill and can even be considered somewhat of a talent. Finding employees with all of these qualities tends to be an extended headache, which is why outsourcing specialist telemarketing for IT and technology companies is your best option. With expert help you can take advantage of these benefits, among […]

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